Monday, January 5, 2015

Ring Out Wild Bells

It's 2015!!!

That is super crazy. This week has been awesome. Some of the members are still out of town, but a lot of them got back which was really great.

A couple funny stories from this week:

1. Saturday: we were walking through EPA when this guy yelled from across the street, "Elders!" We turned and saw a man pulling up on his bike in full winter gear (keeping in mind it is winter here, but there is no snow and it is not very cold). He ran across the street avoiding the cars, he grabbed our hands and began to pray, he offered one of the funniest prayers I have ever heard then he got on his bike and rode off. As he was disappearing I yelled after him, "Are you a member?" he answered, "no." I said, "Do you have a phone number?", he replied, "No." I said "well can we meet with you sometime?" and he shouted back, "I am homeless, but my name is Joshua," and then he was gone.

2. On New Years Eve we spent the night hanging out with the elders from RedWood City, so they came over, but it was too cold and too small, plus part of our power and our heating has been out so we spent the night in the Stake President's attic. And at Midnight, we heard many gunshots across the bridge in EPA. It was great.

Well that's all for now, love you all!

Elder Hopkins

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