Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Okay, my week has been really awesome.

Last Monday, we went and visited the Apple Campus, We ate at a really cool Cafe over there, but all in all it was pretty boring because there were so many secret buildings there we were not allowed to see very much, but it was fun hanging out with some of the Stanford YSA members.

On Tuesday I had planned a Christmas District Meeting for my district then another District Leader came and said he had planned nothing so he and his district had their district meeting with us so we had like half of the zone their, it was fun, however a little intimidating.

On Wednesday, Christmas Eve, the whole mission got together and had a talent show and we watched a movie called Ephraims rescue it was fun, we also did a white elephant gift exchange, and as fate would have it both me and my companion got rubiks cubes, so I have been teaching him how to solve one. I saw Nate Mella again at the Christmas party and also Elder Jake Hogan who went to Orem High and just got into the mission last transfer, so I snuck a picture of him from the crowd. We then spent the night at the zone leaders place along with the elders from Red Wood City.

Christmas day was great we all opened presents together, we skyped family in the morning, we then spent the afternoon with a Part Member family and some of their friends. We spent that evening with another family, it was fun. 

On Saturday, I went on Exchanges, I went with our zone leader Elder Kerby, although he is recovering from his Kidney stones, so we stayed inside all day long. So I just got like 8 hours of scripture study. But hey I finished the book of Mormon, now I get to start over again!

Well that is about all

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and hoping for a happy new year!

Love you all
Elder Hopkins

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