Monday, December 1, 2014


This week has been pretty amazing!

I don't really know where to start. Lets see we put up some really lame Christmas decorations they make our little cottage feel very festive. The sisters had a pool table they were sick of so they gave it to us. We haven't had more than about 10 minutes to use it so far but it is still really cool.

Thanksgiving was really great we had two dinners, one in first ward with a woman named C. Roriguez and with the recent convert family the Hillis's and one in second ward with the The's (pronounced Thays with a soft TH). Then after our dinner appointments we figured we wouldn't get into any houses so we went over to Stanford Hospital and visited members from our wards for the rest of the night, It was really cool, the members really appreciated getting an extra visit on thanksgiving. Also Thanksgiving day we found this really cool guy on the street named Adrian and he is now a new investigator, hopefully that goes somewhere.

Our investigator J. Wallace is doing so well and he is going to be baptized on December 6th for sure. His lessons are all done, he was interviewed and he passed and now we are just getting ready for the baptismal service.

On Friday night we got a call from the APs (Assistants to the mission President) and they told us that they were going to come over the next day by special request of President Mella to study with us and see how we were doing. I freaked out. I wondered why President Mella thought we needed to be checked on. What was I doing wrong?! We cleaned our place super well the next morning and waited for the APs to arrive. They showed up and said "JUST KIDDING!" We are here because you two have some of the best numbers in the mission and are doing so well and we wanted to make you Waffles. So the APs made us waffles, that was a huge relief and a really fun morning. We still studied with them and we got a lot of new ideas on creative ideas for missionary week. 

This week has been great, I cannot believe that it is already December!

Thank you all for your prayers on my behalf. I invite everyone to watch to new video by the church "He Is the Gift" and to make this Christmas season a great one!

Elder Hopkins

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