Monday, November 24, 2014

Here comes Thanksgiving!

Lets see. This week has been really good. We got the most Non-member lessons I have ever received. We had 18 this week, which is awesome. The zone leaders called a surprise zone meeting last Thursday and told us they wanted us to triple the number of new investigators we were finding weekly. As a zone the 13 companionships usually got about 15 new investigators weekly. They challenged us to work towards 45. So on Thursday night, Elder Ramirez and I were planning our Friday goals and I said, Lets try to get 2 new investigators tomorrow. He was unsure because we usually in our area get one new investigator a week. Honestly I was not too sure either but I told him if we had faith we could get those two investigators. The Lord totally sustained us in our work, we got 3 new investigators that day and a total of 5 in the week. Towards the end of Friday night we already had two and we were about to head home and this woman started yelling at us across the street asking us if we were the Mormons who said prayers and stuff. We taught her a short street lesson and then got her info and set an appointment to return for tonight actually. We will probably have to pass it on to the sister missionaries though, but still it was amazing. Also our lessons with James W. have been going very well. In our last lesson he told us that nothing would keep him from baptism except for death itself. So I am praying for his safe driving. He was a miracle, he is just so well prepared.

The pictures are of a puzzle we have been doing with the residents at the senior center that we have been doing little by little for some months now, it is finally done. And the other is we have been trying this new thing where we bake and deliver cookies to less active and inactive members, it is going really well.

Thank You all for your love, support, and prayers!

Love Elder Hopkins.


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