Monday, November 3, 2014

Last week of Transfer 2! Weird!

This week has been a little rough, mainly just because I was very sick with fevers most every night and also it has been getting really cold. Our lessons have been down too this week, so we are going to try to do even more this coming week to make up for it.

We finally reconnected with an old investigator, CK, from Singapore. He is really awesome he set up a weekly appointment with us for Sundays at 7. We feel really good about him. He says he believes in God and is just waiting for God to tell him what to do and what church to join. 

It will be really good if he progresses, because he is in Palo Alto 2nd ward boundary and most of our work has come from the 1st ward area. So the 2nd ward has really been wanting for some good work. We really have been trying hard, but PA2 is a really tough area. PA1 has East Palo Alto in it, there is a lot of good work there. PA2 has a lot of people who are really busy and very wealthy. So hopefully CK will work out.

Since the Giants won the world series, people around here have been going crazy, especially in EPA. Also we saw a high speed chase in EPA the other day. This guy was driving super fast away from a cop and he clipped another car going around the corner. Then a few minutes later we saw three cops chasing the same guy on another street trying to shoot out his tires. You gotta love EPA, that is just how it is here.

I am feeling loads better today and I am so grateful for everyone's love, support, and prayers in my behalf!

Elder Hopkins


Other Pics

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