Monday, October 27, 2014

For Halloween this year I am going to be a Missionary!

This week has been great! We set a goal at the start of this month to get 100 lessons. We are supposed to get 20 a week, 80 a month. We set the goal of 100 so we would be getting a whole extra week of lessons. We have seen so many miracles since we set the goal and the Lord has prepared so many opportunities for us. Today is October 27th... I think... anyway and we are currently at 101 lessons for the month. It has just been really good.

The 2nd ward was having a trunk or treat activity and we offered to be apart of it. We did not have candy or decorations for our car, then out of nowhere I got a Halloween package from home that had everything I needed in it. It was perfect, we had candy, bags, and decorations. The activity went well, we handed out Book of Mormon pass along cards with every single candy.

I also got to eat some authentic sugar cane. We helped this Tongan man in the ward pull it all up and he showed us how to open it up and eat it.

Also there is this less active man we have been meeting with, Johnathan Bradshaw. It is kind of crazy, Palo Alto is a very clean, very nice town. Right in the middle of a nice neighborhood, there is a row of trees that goes back with a driveway, and back there is where Johnathan Henry Bradshaw lives. How do I explain it? It feels like stepping out of California into Lousianna. He plays old bluegrass music and has really old vehicles parked all around. There are lots of plants growing all over and there is a bog on the corner of his property. He gave us a business card from his fiddle band. Every time a helicopter or a plane flies over he hides under a tree. I still can't believe it, I wish I could have got a picture. Anyway he is really awesome, and he has a saxophone that he wants me to come over some time and jam with him, we'll see.

I think that is it for this week. It has been really great! I love the work and the people we have been meeting!

Thankyou so much for everyone at home's support! Thankyou all for the emails you have been sending and the love you have sent!

Have a great week!

Elder Hopkins


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