Monday, October 13, 2014

Amazing Week

This week has been super amazing! First off, last Tuesday we got called right in the middle of our personal study time and a Less Active member's son told us his mom had just been taken into the ER. So we ran over to the Stanford Hospital and gave her a blessing, I am not too sure what happened to her, she couldn't really tell us because the drugs they gave her made her really tired and woozey. It was a cool experience though. As I gave the blessing, it was really weird I can't even remember anything I said, I just spoke like it was not even me speaking, it was a powerful experience,

Last Wednesday we went to the Oakland Temple. That temple was so gorgeous and so amazing. The session was awesome and it was just a really good day.

Last Thursday we got to watch Meet The Mormons. If you do not know what that is or if you have not seen it, I strongly urge you to go see it, it was the best Church movie I have ever seen and I cried like three times when I watched it. They showed it to a bunch of nonmembers a while a go and 74% of nonmembers that watched it said it opened them up to the missionaries and they said they would recommend it to another nonmember friend. Seriously it is amazing, go see it, tell others about it and then see it again! If the movie does really well in theaters it will spread further.

Also our mission president told us we will be getting IPads next month and we will begin Internet (Facebook) proselyting next month too. I am really excited about IPads, I do not know what I think about Facebook proselyting. I will keep everyone posted.

Also yesterday we met with a man that is the only member in his family, the other members of the family are somewhat closed off to the idea of the church, but he really wants them to be baptized. Anyway the mom mentioned in passing that her young son needs a math tutor, I told her that I did math Tutoring at my High School, so we are going to start going over weekly for an hour to have tutoring sessions, we will see where that goes.

I love you all so much!
Thank you for your support, love, and prayers in my behalf, I have been so blessed!

Elder Hopkins!
I will add other captions when I find out who is in the pictures.

Elder Nathan Hopkins

Oakland Temple

Elder Maxwell, Elder Harper, Elder Hopkins and Elder Reid

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