Monday, October 6, 2014

2nd Month

Everything is going really well here! One thing that was really cool is a few weeks ago we met a man named Felipe on the street, he only spoke spanish. So Elder Harper and I, both only knowing a basic knowledge of spanish were able to teach him a very shaky lesson about prayer. Then we gave the spanish missionaries his info, guess what? He is getting baptized next month!

Elder Olsen and Elder Hathcock, the spanish missionaries, told us that after our lesson with him he decided to stop smoking too. We did not even teach about that, he just felt he should quit. It proves that the Holy Ghost is a better teacher than we are.

Conference was super good. I got alot of answers I was looking for and I learned a lot of things that I am going to try to apply in my life. My favorite talks were Lynn G. Robins, Jorg Kerinblat (I think that is how it was spelled), and elder Hollands about helping the poor.

If you watched conference I would suggest finding ways to apply these things in your life, This conference there weren't a lot of jokes, the speakers were very bold and told us we all needed to seek personal revelation and improve our testimonies.

If you missed any part of conference, you should watch it. It was amazing there were so many great things to learn.

I love you all, thank you for your support and aid, I could not do this without you! Keep seeking ways to come closer to Christ!

Elder Hopkins!
Nate did not really say who anyone in these photos are; except there is one of him.  

Elder Hopkins on Hopkins Street!


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