Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ups and Downs

This week has had a lot of ups and downs. So we were going to have a baptism this saturday for our investigator, Brandon, but his mom decided he could not be baptized, so we cancelled it. However on the upside our Ward Mission Leader, who has a nonmember family, and has a daughter, Samantha, we were working with, accepted to be baptized and she got baptized this last Saturday, so that was amazing.

Also we had some issues with our car so we had to take it into the shop and it took a while for it to be done, so we had to be on bikes for about a week. Which was pretty rough, because our area is huge, so we had to cancel and forsake more than half our area, especially up in the foothills, because it would take us an hour to just bike up there. Our car is supposed to get done today.

We had a general authority visit us yesterday, Elder Pino of the 70. That is why P-day is Tuesday this week. He was really good, Also we learned that Elder Bednar will be visiting our mission and the Oakland Mission next month, that will be really cool.

Also you will see in one of my pictures, two of my friends from High School, Tucker Camp and Cade Young, one of whom is from my home ward, visited the Palo Alto 1st ward. They did not even know I served there so it was really amazing to see them. Cade is related to Steve Young so that is why they were visiting.

Also I've been learning ASL (American Sign Language) more and more, and I finally got to meet Elder Domingo, he is a deaf elder in the mission. I knew enough sign language to carry on a short conversation with him. He also gave me a name sign. Which is a faster way to address someone than spelling out there name, but you can only get name signs from actual deaf people. So that was pretty great.

We also got a new Investigator from a member, named George. We taught him one lesson and he said he will be baptized, so over all this week has been really good, looking bad.

Thankyou all for your love and support
I hope everyone has a great week
Elder Hopkins

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