Monday, November 17, 2014

Very very good week

Where do I start. This week was really quite amazing. I spent the first couple days after Elder Harper left with the Zone Leaders. Elder Maxwell and the new Zone Leader, Elder Kerby. Elder Kerby is from Orem Utah, by the way. He went to Timpanogas. We all had a really good time being companions.

Then I went to the New Missionary meeting and picked up my new companion, his name is Elder Ramirez. He is really awesome and really excited to work, his teaching is a little shaky but he will get there really soon. He is so fun to be companions with.

Then I had my first District Meeting as District Leader, that went really well, we talked about our own district culture and the things we are going to do to set us apart from the other districts in the mission it was fun.

On Saturday we went to Oakland all day long to hear from Elder Bednar. It was really amazing, he talked a lot about how to teach and treat people as agents rather than objects. It was really inspiring. Guess what else? Elder Mitchel Nelson (one of my best friends) was there because he is in the Oakland Mission. He was playing piano, it was really cool seeing him and catching up with him.

On Sunday Elder Neil L. Anderson came to our ward and spoke, because his son is in our ward, so we got two apostles in one weekend. On Sunday we had a miracle. A man name James W. felt inspired to go into our church. He came in and we took him to classes and he got to shake hands with an apostle. then we taught him a lesson right after church, he was super prepared and he said he wanted to join the church, so before he left we set a baptismal date with him for December 6th and taught him again that night. We are teaching him again tonight. He is really amazing. He is the most prepared investigator I have met. He already stopped Smoking, stopped drinking coffee and felt like he should live the law of chastity, he felt like that was what he should do.

Well this week has been great. Thank you all for your love and support and for all of your prayers.

Elder Hopkins
Elder Hopkins & Elder Nelson

Elder Hopkins & Elder Ramirez

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