Monday, January 26, 2015

Meetings plus as much missionary work as we could find

Hello Family, friends, and Whoever else is reading this:

This week was great, as always!

Last week I mentioned I was having a lot of nose bleeds, they miraculously stopped! Yay! We were also to busy to go in to the Stanford Clinic to go get it checked out so hopefully it continues to not bleed.

We had a lot of meetings this week to work around, a leadership one in Sunnyvale, District Meeting, and 3 sessions of stake conference to go to. Stake Conference was really very good, I learned a lot, but sitting in hard folding chairs for 3 sessions was less fun. I saw Nate Mella again, he was at the leadership session.

We are working with a guy who had a baptismal date named Mark, but he sort of disappeared off of the face of the planet, that was unfortunate. In the Singles wards we are working with an investigator named Andrew who just got engaged to one of the members, awesome.

Things are going great, although transfers are coming up soon, and I am probably getting transferred.

So if you have already sent me mail and it is on its way, I should get it before I leave. If you really would like to send me mail before I get to my next area, you can send it to the mission address:

California San Jose Mission
Elder Nathan Hopkins
3975 McLaughlin Ave Ste A
San Jose CA, 95121-2631

And I can go pick it up when I go for transfer meeting. When I figure out my new address I will be sure to send it here so that people can know. I may stay here in Palo Alto 1 more transfer, but I will be able to let everyone know that in next email.

It is really weird to think that this may be my last week in Palo Alto, I have really come to think of it as my home, I love the members I've met so much and the people I have met, it will be weird to be in a new area.

I added to photos, one is the view from our apartment window from the street below and the other is a view inside our apartment, I just happen to be lifting weights in that one.

I love you all, I appreciate your support and I know that your prayers on my behalf really do help!

Elder Hopkins


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