Monday, January 12, 2015

Facebook, The Bay, and a really awesome Baptism

This week was really awesome. Last P-day I went to Facebook HQ with one of our members and it was so insanely cool. Facebook blows Google and Apple right out of the water. Facebook was like Disneyland. There are like 5 restaurants, several dessert places, and all sorts of other food all over the place, and what makes it the best: It was all free. Everything was free. On the FB campus there was also a bank, hair salon, a hospital, a jumbotron, an arcade, a gym, and much more. It was so unbelievably cool.

Later on in the week one of the Zone Leaders had to go home due to medical reasons, since I am his District Leader, he joined with us, but in all reality we joined with him because we moved out of the cottage into his place which is an actual apartment with a real kitchen, more than one sink and not a bunch of random junk sitting around everywhere it is pretty nice. We will be serving all 4 wards, Palo Alto 1 and 2 family wards and Stanford Singles wards for the next 3 weeks. If you want to send me mail continue sending it to my old place for now, We swing by there every once in a while.

So yeah covering 4 wards now. It is a lot of work.

Also we had this baptism last minute at 9:30 at night in a swimming pool, for S. Kauffman, He has ALS type symptoms so he is really weak so they held the baptism privately it was so cool.

Also I have some pictures when we went down to the Bayside in EPA. Enjoy.

We also had the missionary department come and talk to a handful of missionaries including all of the Zone leaders and some of the district leaders in San Jose about a completely new teaching style that we are looking forward to spread through the mission, although it was a 7 hour training. that was crazy.

Well that was my week, Thank you all for your emails, letters, prayers, and other forms of support, your support keeps me going strong and I thank you all for it.

Elder Hopkins



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