Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Hello everyone!
This week has been great, I did not get to email yesterday because the Library was closed for Presidents day. This week I lead my first ZTM (Zone Training Meeting) It went really well, we taught about asking for referrals and working with members. I attached two pictures of the zone.
Also I went on Exchanges with one of our District leaders, Elder Gardner, last week I forgot to take a picture. I am currently on exchanges with Elder Feller, I did send a picture of him at his desk.
Oh also My glasses broke when I was on exchanges, I am not really sure how they just sort of exploded. 
Another cool thing this week was the stake missionary training meeting. The High Councilor over missionary work was out of town so he had Elder Faux and I lead a meeting which consisted of Ward Mission Leaders, Bishops, Full-Time Missionaries, and the Stake Presidency from the Stake and we got up and trained them all on how to better use Ward Missionaries and how to make an effective Ward Mission Plan. It was a really cool opportunity.
Being a Zone Leader has made me really really busy, but there have been all sorts of opportunities to serve and help other missionaries which has been really good. It is cool being the first companionship to be called as soon as anyone in the zone needs a blessing or has to go somewhere, it is just an honor and a privilege to serve in this new capacity.
The church is true, the organization of the church is true, Jesus Christ is at the head of it, I have no doubt about that, and the Priesthood power of God makes it all possible!
I love and appreciate you all so much and hope you have a great week!
Elder Hopkins

Saratoga Zone

Broken Glasses (good thing he has a back up pair)

Elder Feller

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