Saturday, August 16, 2014

Well... 1 full length week down :)

The MTC is amazing as always. This week has been jam packed with so many events I honestly do not even know where to start.

First up, last Sunday, Elder Finder and I were made Zone Leaders, which is a lot of work but its really fun too. I will attach a picture of our whole zone if I can. Some of the extra responsibilities that come with being zone leaders is we greeted two international missionaries that came to the MTC a day earlier than everyone else. We helped them get comfortable and took care of them for the night until their real orientation. On Wednesday Evening we trained the new district of Missionaries, that was really awesome and fun. For me at least... Elder Finder is slightly socially awkward so he didn't really know what to say.

We decided to get our whole zone to eat every meal together which is a lot of fun and it is really unifying. Also I have gotten much more comfortable here. For example after Elder Finder and I switched over to Elder McArthur's room they switched my key, but not Elder Finder's. He still had a key to Elder Larsen and Elder Cormier's room. So the other day we got back to residence early so we hid in their room and freaked them out.

We also learned (thanks to Brinnan Schill) how to turn our name tags into Kazoos.  It’s really awesome. Whenever we are bored we are always blowing into our name tags different hymns.

Also another Elder in our zone left Sunday morning, Elder Marchant. He was the other district's leader. Our Branch Presidency was in awe that two missionaries in the same zone left the MTC, they'd never seen something like that happen before.

Yesterday we had something called In-Field Orientation. It was 10 straight hours of class. Needless to say it was very long and somewhat boring but it was also really cool. They taught us how to find people, make goals, and work with ward members and stuff. We have now officially had all of our missionary training. Honestly I just want to get to California now. But I don't leave until Wednesday.

I just want everyone to know how much I love it here, I still get a little homesick off and on, but it is amazing to see my testimony and my relationship with my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ keep growing day by day.

Oh! One last thing.  My teacher, Brother Belliston is so awesome, we teach him and he pretends to be an investigator. He is really weird though. He asked us, "So Moses parted the Red Sea with a staff and the Priesthood, right?"
We said "yes."

So he walked out of the room and came back with a broom that had been broken in half and he handed it to us and said, "well, let’s see it."

We tried to keep straight faces but it was really hard.

Well that’s all for now

Thanks for all the Love and Support,
Elder Hopkins

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