Saturday, August 9, 2014

1/2 of a Week Done

Wow I have got some stories to tell you guys.

Okay so the MTC has been amazing, I am loving every minute of it. The spirit of Missionary work is so strong here. There are a few down sides. The beds are really creaky. If anyone moves even an inch at night, its loud enough to wake up everyone else in the room. The showers are packed if you wake up on time so my district always wakes up thirty minutes early and we are the first in the showers. The showers here have two temperatures. Volcano Hot and Arctic Cold. I am not even exaggerating when I say there is no middle ground on the temperature. Most of the Elders at my residence walk all around the floor in their garments, like all the time.

I love my Zone Leaders and my teacher Brother Belliston has such a sweet, unique spirit about him.
My first day was crazy. My host (a missionary from New Zealand who will be serving in Paris, France), was really cool, he helped me get everything I needed and he showed me around. I forgot his name and I have not seen him since. But as soon as I got into the MTC everything went so fast. They handed me stuff gave me schedules and keys and sent me off to class.

I usually spend around 6 hours in the classroom a day sometimes more. Today is my P Day so I'll only be in class for about 3 hours cause we are going off to the temple soon.

Let's see, I have a lot to say but I am not sure I remember everything.
I met my district, which consists of three companionships: I have attached a picture of my district as well. Going from Left to Right, their names are Elder Larsen (our district leader), Elder Cormier (Who snores very loud and kept me up, also I met Elder Cormier at Mr. Mac before leaving on my mission), Elder Adams, Elder McArthur, Me, and Elder Finder (My companion).

Elder Finder is a convert and has only been a member for about a year, he is really shaky on the doctrine and he is not very confident in teaching. On my second day here he opened up to me and shared a lot about himself; it was cool to see the trust we had for each other.

On our third day in the middle of class with our district I got an overwhelming spirit tell me to ask Elder Adams if he needed a blessing. It was so overwhelming I stopped writing a lesson mid sentence. Elder Adams said he really did need a blessing and the 5 of us gathered around and his companion gave him a blessing.

It turns out that he was suffering from some serious homesickness and had already scheduled a meeting with the branch president to talk about going home. He went to the clinic and was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. He went home yesterday and Elder Finder and I were moved from our room with Elder Larsen and Elder Cormier to Elder McArthur's room. The district took it really hard especially Elder McArthur. He blamed himself, he kept saying maybe there was something he could have done.

Now I have two companions and I was just got used to having one companion all the time. But I love my companions and Elder McArthur understands my sense of humor a little better than Elder Finder. Also it is kind of nice moving to a room where Elder Cormier's snoring will not keep me up all night.

Overall I am loving my experience here and I love teaching people the gospel, the experience is amazing.
Just so everyone knows I can only write letters on P day while I am here, but I can read them any day that I get them. If you want to email me directly to not respond to this address. Send an Email to

I have also attached pictures I took this morning with Elder Finder and with Elder McArthur
I want you to know I am doing very well, I have never feasted after the word of Christ of felt the spirit so strong as I have at the MTC 

That's all for today, love all you.

Elder Larsen, Elder Cormier, Elder Adams, Elder McArthur, Elder Hopkins and Elder Finder

Elder Hopkins and companion, Elder Finder

Elder Hopkins and 2nd companion, Elder McArthur

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